5 Ways Orbital Welding Products Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. You may not realize it, but one area where you can make a significant impact is your welding processes. Below are five solutions to your business that you can achieve through orbital welding products: 

You Can Lower Your Heat Input

With orbital welding, the heat input is controlled through the use of an electrode that only delivers power when it is in contact with the metal being welded. This results in less heat being transferred to the surrounding area and reduced risk of damage to the base material. 

You Can Benefit From Generated Fusion in the Root Pass 

Incomplete fusion is one of the most common defects found in welds. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including improper beveling or incorrect shielding gas mixtures. With orbital welding, the lack of fusion is virtually eliminated due to the consistent and controlled weld pool produced by the orbiting motion of the electrode around the joint being welded. 

You Can Achieve Complete Penetration

Another common problem experienced in welding is incomplete penetration, which can occur when too much heat is applied to the weld area or when there is insufficient shielding gas coverage. This can create further problems such as premature failure of the weld joint under stress or vibration later on. Orbital welding virtually eliminates this problem by providing a consistent and controlled weld pool that gives complete penetration without excessive heat input or shielding gas loss. 

You Can Avoid Porosity

This issue is often caused by contaminants in the weld area, such as oil or rust, which can become trapped in the molten metal and create voids once cooled and solidified. Porosity can also be caused by excessive humidity in the air around the weld area, which can cause water vapor to be drawn into the molten metal and create voids upon cooling and solidification. Orbital welding reduces porosity by providing a constantly moving arc that sweeps away contaminants before they have a chance to become trapped in the weld pool.

You Can Minimize Distortion

This occurs when too much heat is applied to the weld area and causes deformation of the base material. Distortion can be reduced through the use of proper techniques and procedures. With orbital welding, distortion is especially reduced due to low heat input that is controlled by the orbiting motion of the electrode around the joint being welded. 

Orbital welding equipment can help you solve several common welding problems. Contact a local supplier to learn more about orbital welding equipment