5 Tips For Using A Professional Paint Spray Gun

Have you been putting off your painting project because you're not sure how to use the required equipment? If so, it will help to know the following tips about using a professional paint spray gun.

Use A Gravity-Fed Paint Spray Gun

If you have the option of what kind of paint spray gun to use, pick one that uses a gravity-fed paint system. This type of spray gun is going to do a much better job because it has less overspray, which causes less paint to be lost in the air and to get onto the surface that you are painting. The alternative kind of equipment you may see is a siphon paint spray gun, which wastes a lot of paint because it is sucked out of the reservoir tank.

Know What The Knobs Do

There are going to be several knobs on your paint spray gun, and it's important to know what all of them do. The knob near the tip of the spray gun controls how the paint is applied. You can use a horizontal or vertical line of paint, which can be adjusted on the fly by twisting the knob. The knob at the back of the spray gun controls the paint that leaves the reservoir tank and goes into the nozzle. The knob at the bottom of the handle controls the air coming into the spray gun. Using a paint spray gun involves using the right amount of paint and air pressure so that the paint is applied at the right consistency. 

Use Plumbers Tape Around Threads

It's important that you use plumbers tape when attaching the air regulator to the paint spray handle. You simply wrap it around the threads tightly before you screw the regulator on. This helps keep the air from leaking out, which helps with sending the correct amount of air pressure to the nozzle. 

Thin The Paint If Necessary

Make sure you read the instructions for the specific paint spray gun that you are using. It may be necessary to thin the paint that you put in the reservoir tank for the spray gun to work correctly. There will be specific instructions for how much water to mix with each gallon of paint. 

Strain The Paint Before Filling The Reservoir

You'll want to pour the paint through a strainer prior to putting it into the reservoir tank. This is because there could be some thicker particles in the paint, and you do not want this to go through the spray gun and ruin the consistency of the paint as it is applied. 

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