3 Questions To Ask When Buying Building Materials From A Supplier

Are you getting ready to buy some building materials from a supplier so that you can complete an upcoming building project? Here are a few important questions to ask your supplier before making any purchase decisions.

Is the Wood Pretreated?

Before ordering any materials from the building supplier you have decided to work with, it is a good idea to find out whether the wood has been pretreated for protection from weather and termites. Wood that is not pretreated can quickly succumb to the outdoor elements and pests, leaving you to make repairs or replacements before too long.

You could always treat the wood yourself, but buying pretreated wood is cost effective and will save you some precious time while building your structure. The supplier you are working with may offer both pretreated and untreated wood, or they only offer one option. If you don't ask about it, you will not know which option you're getting or whether you will need to treat it yourself.  

Are Discounts Offered for Bulk Purchases?

You may only need a few pieces of wood to complete your building project, but if you purchase the wood in bulk, you may be able to save some money and you will have some extra wood to work with during a future project. You can also save yourself a future trip to the building supplier's warehouse or save the money it would cost to have lumber delivered later when you need it.

So, it's a good idea to find out whether discounts are offered for bulk purchases. You may be able to bundle all the different types of lumber you purchase together to qualify for a discount so that you don't have to purchase more wood than you need in order to save the extra money.

How Do the Delivery Services Work?

Chances are that you will need to have the building materials you buy delivered to your building site, so you should find out how the supplier's delivery services work before making any purchases. There may be a waiting list for delivery, which means that you should purchase your lumber well before it is needed to ensure that it gets delivered on time.

Delivery may cost more than you anticipate, so knowing about it ahead of time will allow you to properly budget for your building project. Understanding exactly how the delivery process works now can save you some frustration and inconvenience when it's time to start building.