The Importance Of Metallurgical Sample Preparation

Metallurgical testing allows individuals to determine the exact structure and other details of various metals. However, in order for the results yielded from the testing to be valid and accurate, the samples have to be prepared properly. Typically, the best way to achieve this is to have them professionally prepared. This might involve purchasing samples that are already prepared or sending in samples for preparation. In either case, it is imperative not to skip this step. That is because preparation involves a lot of important processes that result in more reliable samples and, as a result, more reliable testing results.

Proper Sectioning

One vital part of metallurgical sample preparation is the sectioning of the sample. Ideally, this should be done with the proper type of saw or other tool, which will vary depending on the sample and its composition, among other factors. If the right tools are not used or if other mistakes are made during the sectioning process, this can permanently damage the sample. As a result, the structure can be changed, which would render invalid results from testing, viewing, or other processes.

Sample Selection

In some cases, non-professionals may accidentally choose the wrong sample, meaning one that is not fit for the desired process. A professional service, however, will know how to choose a sample that is actually representative of the metal as a whole. It can also take into account what the sample will be used or tested for and can ensure proper sample selection for the intended purposes.

Surface Preparation

Samples also need to have a flat surface in order to render accurate readings and testing results. Professional preparation ensures an appropriate surface. It also makes sure that no imprints or scratches were left on the surface from any of the tools used during the preparation process. For a novice, achieving the necessary smoothness, especially without the right tools, can be next to impossible.


Finally, throughout the entire sample preparation process, professionals will take steps to protect the sample. This might include encasing it in plastic or other protective materials or properly preparing the sample for each new phase in the preparation process.

Ultimately, it is absolutely vital for samples to be prepared prior to testing or viewing. Furthermore, for best results, they should be prepared by professionals. Fortunately, there are labs and other companies that offer these necessary services. Try and connect with one as soon as possible for better, more trustworthy samples every time. Reach out to a pro who understands metallographic sample preparation