Resourceful Ways To Use Surplus Pallets

Many states impose strict laws that relate to the disposal of wooden pallets. Placing pallets in a landfill could result in being fined. Consider some pallet recycling strategies that will allow you to repurpose leftover pallets.

Use The Same Pallets For Shipments And Returns

If you already have several pallets in your business and tend to ship materials to recurring customers on a frequent basis, investing in prepaid return shipping labels and requesting that your customers send back the pallets may alleviate you from needing to purchase more pallets at a later date. Just because you have an influx of pallets now does not mean that you will not eventually need more of them.

You may also be responsible for paying lower shipping costs. For example, if you tend to send a multitude of single cartons to the same location on a monthly basis, grouping all of the items together and adding shrink wrap around them will result in paying a single freight cost that is based upon the weight and dimensions of the shipment.

Use Intact Or Disassembled Pallets On And Off The Premises

Intact pallets that do not contain any imperfections can be used to make platforms or wall storage units. Stack up a series of pallets and nail them together. Use the platform to display goods or to store equipment that could potentially get stepped on or wet, if it were left on the floor. Drill hooks through some of the pallets. Secure the pallets to a wall and use the hooks to hang equipment or tools that are used in your business.

For any pallets that are damaged, use a nail puller to loosen hardware from each pallet. Separate the wooden pieces. The scrap wood can be used as kindling for a burn barrel or a fireplace or for building custom features within your business. 

Sell Them To Another Business Owner

A warehouse business owner or a recycling facility owner may be interested in acquiring pallets that are in decent shape. The condition of each pallet and the number of pieces that you can accumulate may influence whether someone would like to purchase the surplus pallets from you.

Keep track of how many pallets are dropped off at your business on a monthly basis. Provide this figure when attempting to market the pallets. You may only be able to raise a dollar or two for each pallet. If you have a lot of pallets that you can unload; however, selling them all at once can bring you in hundreds of dollars.