Applications For Heated Hose And Why Heated Hose Is Ideal For Those Applications

Industrial heated hose has a number of applications. When you see how this type of hose is used, it makes complete sense why you would want a heated hose under those conditions and for that type of work. If you work in any capacity where a heated hose would prove beneficial, you will find the following encouraging information.

Firefighting in Frigid Temperatures

Fires will break out whether the temps are seventy-two degrees or a frigid negative seven degrees. It is the frigid temperatures that often worry firefighters because the water in the hoses has to stay liquid in order to put out the fires. That does not mean that the water will freeze completely inside the hoses, but chunks of ice can form, and those bits of ice in the hose can prevent the water from leaving the hose and putting out the fire. When firefighters use heated hoses in the coldest of cold nights, the water stays fluid and is able to put out the fires faster without freezing up. 

Heating Water to Make Concrete

Hot water and dry concrete mix makes hot concrete. Hot concrete is essential to fixing damaged concrete surfaces and potholes when the outside temperatures are not wholly conducive to cold-mix concrete. Since concrete contractors cannot make concrete mix hot without adding hot water, these hoses are the perfect solution. After the concrete is mixed with hot water, then the contractor can either use the concrete right away, or store the hot concrete in heated barrels until he/she is ready to use said concrete. 

Keeping Chemicals Warm

Heated industrial hose is not just for water, either. It can be used to keep chemicals warm. In an industrial or manufacturing setting where chemicals need to remain at a specific temperature, these hoses can heat the chemicals inside, and keep the chemicals the right temperature until the chemicals are used. Sometimes heat helps keep certain semi-fluids viscous enough so that they do not clog the ends of the hose when the chemicals are released.

At other times, cleaning chemicals have to be warmed in order to be activated prior to cleaning. Whatever chemical and whatever the purpose for that chemical, the heated industrial hose makes sure that the chemical will flow, and that the chemical will work as intended. Some hoses even come with preset heat levels, in case you want the hose to be hotter or colder than the standard setting.