Reasons To Use A Rogowski Coil

There are quite a few options available for measuring alternating current in industrial applications. However, one of the very best options is a Rogowski coil. This coil, which is often referred to as a flexible core coil, offers many excellent advantages over other common choices, such as current transformers.

Easier Installation 

One nice benefit of Rogowski coils is that they are very easy to install, much more so than traditional current transformers.

Because these coils are so flexible, they can typically be installed more quickly and with less effort than standard transformers. They easily go over the conductor and pose few challenges to installers.

Because of this fact, people are often able to install these coils themselves with minimal training. And, even if they do hire professionals for the installation, it typically costs less due to the reduced time and exertion.

Multiple Uses

Rogowski coils, unlike other options, can actually serve two purposes. They can be used for metering current. However, they can also be used for protecting your system and reducing the risk of shock, overload, and other problems.

Because these coils can be used for multiple things, they can reduce your overall costs since you won't have to buy additional materials for the protection features you need. Plus, only having to buy and install one device instead of several is a lot more convenient.

Multi-Faceted Placement Options

Something else to appreciate about Rogowski coils is that they can be placed anywhere, even in more complicated applications. Whether you have bundled cables, oddly shaped conductors, or other issues that can make finding the right product difficult, Rogowski coils can get the job done.

They accomplish this feat by being very lightweight and extra flexible. So, if you have a need for metering alternating current but are having a tough time finding a tool to get the job done, a Rogowski coil is probably exactly what you need.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Most industrial organizations will have their products shipped to them. If this is your plan, you will be glad to know that the aforementioned lightweight nature of Rogowski coils makes them cheaper to ship than other common options.

When you combine the lower shipping costs and the lower installation costs, then you ultimately end up with a very affordable product, which can really help when trying to reduce costs.

In all of these ways, Rogowski coils are an excellent option for many businesses and purposes. Thus, they should be thoroughly explored as a suitable choice.