Move Your Parent To A Nursing Home And Need To Empty Their House? Be Fast And Efficient

If you are ready to purge your parent's house of all the junk they have collected over the years because it's time for you to move them into a nursing home, there are some things to prearrange. Prearranging different services is a great way to make cleaning out the house easier and to make the process faster, and then you don't have to worry about what to do with all of the stuff you are keeping and stuff that needs to get tossed. Here are a few of the things to consider getting or doing

Mini Storage Unit

A small storage that only has a certain amount of space is a great way to put a cap on what you will keep, and it's a low-cost option to hold on to some of the things that your parent still needs and wants, or that you will want to keep as keepsakes. If you don't have room at your own home, or anywhere else to put the items, this can be one of the safest and easiest storage solutions.

Rent a Dumpster

It can be surprising how much garbage you end up with when you start emptying drawers and cupboards around the house, and when you start to fill trash bags. Look into getting a small dumpster dropped off to the house, or a large garbage removal bag, that will fit regular trash bags full of garbage. The weekly garbage service may not pick up the extra bags, and you can get rid of everything at once.

Garage Sale

If there is a lot of stuff that you don't have time to give away or donate, have a small sale while you are cleaning. You can profit off the things that you aren't keeping to help pay for some of your parent's bills or things, and then you don't have to pay to haul these items away in a dumpster. This may be a great way to pay for the storage unit.

If you had to move your parents into a nursing home or care center quickly and you aren't sure how you can get through their house fast enough, or how to get all of the stuff organized, these are some easy solutions to your problems. Start cleaning, get a dumpster, sell what you can profit off of, and then put the rest in a small affordable storage unit.

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