Helpful Information About Renting A Crane To Move Furniture

Are the stairs in your three story house narrow and making it difficult to move furniture on the highest floor? Rather than trying to get the furniture up the stairs, you might find it more efficient to rent a crane for the task as long as there are large windows or a balcony on the third floor. In this article, find out what you should know about renting a crane for moving furniture to the third floor of your house.

You Don't Need a Special Skills Permit for a Crane Rental

The great thing about renting a crane is that you don't have to know anything about operating one. You will not have to use the crane on your own if you don't want to. When you rent the heavy-duty equipment, the rental company will actually be able to send a skilled professional to your house to assist with moving your furniture with the crane. You don't have to worry about any of the furniture falling off of the crane because the operator will make sure everything is attached in a secure manner before lifting it up to the third floor.

More Than One Item Can Be Lifted at Once

There are a variety of cranes to choose from, so if you want more than one piece of furniture moved to the third level of your house, you should opt for a crane that has more than a single hoisting unit. Basically, the operator will first place strong straps around your furniture to make sure it is secure. The furniture will then be attached to one or more hoisting units on the crane. The straps have areas in which a hook on the hoisting units can be securely attached to. If you don't have much furniture to move, a crane with a single hoist should be sufficient enough for the task.

A Crane Can Be Rented by the Hour

If you intend on using a crane on the same day that it is rented, you should opt for an hourly rate. The hourly rate that you are charged will depend on the crane type and if you need an operator to help with moving your furniture or not. You are looking to spend at least $100 per hour and up if you want a crane and operator.

Speak to a rental company (like Caribou Interior Crane Services Ltd) to reserve a crane and assistance from an operator to move your furniture to the third floor of your house!