5 Things To Consider When Renting A Tent For Your Event

Tent rentals for an outdoor event can be really helpful to protect guests from unexpected weather conditions and to allow guests a place to escape from the sun. However, before you reserve a tent rental, you want to be sure that you choose the right tent style and size for your event. Here are the five things you will want to consider before reserving yours:

  1. The Surface: Think about the surface that the tent is going to be placed on. You may want to have some kind of flooring installed along with the tent rental. If the surface is uneven or if it will be on dirt, most tent rental companies will install a flat, laminate surface to go underneath the tent. This is going to make the event more comfortable for your guests, especially for those wearing heels or other shoes that aren't comfortable on an uneven surface.
  2. The Number of Guests: Typically, a tent rental company will ask you how many guests you have in attendance to determine which size tent is best. You may have some options, but you ultimately want the tent to be able to hold all of your guests at once without being cramped, especially if the whole event will take place in the tent.
  3. Other Items Under the Tent: Remember that space underneath the tent also has to be able to fit all other items that you plan on having underneath the tent, such as the buffet table, dance floor, and more. Be sure to let the tent rental company know about these other items so they can suggest the proper tent size based on these items and number of guests. 
  4. Time of Day: Many tent rental companies can install lighting underneath the tents as well. This is helpful if you are hosting the event in the evening. During the day, you may want a tent with windows that will allow your guests to see the view and to allow natural lighting inside of the tent.
  5. Enclosed Section: With your tent rental, you may want an enclosed section attached to the tent, which is great for caterers, changing, and more. If you want to include this with your tent rental, you will be charged an additional fee, but it may be worth it if it is something that you want for your event.

By considering these five things before renting a tent from a company like Warner Shelter Systems Ltd, you can be sure that you are going to get exactly what you want and a tent that makes your guests feel comfortable, as well.