Holding A Beer Unveiling Party

If you enjoy brewing your own beer, you most likely try different flavors to enjoy when they have fermented to perfection. Beer brewing is a fun hobby that has an outcome that can be enjoyed by yourself, family and friends. Consider holding a beer unveiling party when your next batch is ready for consumption. Here are some ideas you can use to make it a fun event for all invited.

Set The Stage

Start by inviting your friends and family to your home for the unveiling. Send out invitations that specify you are holding an event with alcohol involved so guests can decide who will be the designated driver for couples or groups. Let guests know they are more than welcome to stay at your home overnight if they do not have a driver available. Make the party on a night where the majority of your guests do not have to work the next day.

Prepare The Goods

Order professional-looking beer labels to place on each bottle. Come up with a name for yourself that shows guests you are serious about your beer-making abilities. Make a logo for your brand as well. Make sure to use a contrasting color from the bottle so the label will be noticed. The print should be easy to be read and make sure to include the brew date on the label so you will not drink something that may have expired later on.

You can order new labels for each batch of beer that you decide to share with others, showing the name and ingredients on the label for those that want to save it for drinking at a later time. This is a fun way to show off your skills while making a name for yourself should you wish to try marketing your beer in the future. For more information, contact a business such as Precision Label Ltd beer labels.

Add Some Accompaniments

Food should be prepared to go along with the beer you had prepared. Many people enjoy having barbecue food to go along with this type of beverage. Whip up a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers and provide an area where guests can add condiments and extras. Have a few homemade salads available to eat as side dishes.

Another choice would be to have pizza delivered to have available for your guests. Pizza and beer complement each other nicely, and your guests will be sure to appreciate any type of food to eat while enjoying your new home-brew.